Junior Week

Junior Week is for youth age 8-12. This year's camp starts on Sunday June 25th at 4pm and concludes Friday June 30th with the noon meal. This camp is for both boys and girls.

Camp Information

**Camp Registration begins at 4pm on Sundays.
**No music equipment should be brought to camp.
**All clothing needs to be knee length.
**No muscle shirts or other immodest clothing should be worn at camp.
**Boys and girls should dress up for the evening service.
**Cell phones should be turned in upon registration.
**All campers will be expected to act in a way that is respectful to God and those at camp or they will lose their priveledge to be at camp.
**Visitors will be charged $1 per meal.
*Other activities/camps at the campground may include different rules/regulations in addition to the basic camp rules*