2016 Bible Camps

The churches who make up the Sharon Bluff Camp team offer 6 different camps for you to choose from, starting with Senior Week in June and ending with Encounter in September. Choose from the links above to find out more information about each camp as well as contact information.
Sharon Bluff Camp is located 3 miles east of Centerville, Iowa, on 17 acres of scenic timberland adjacent to the Sharon Bluff State Park. The campground includes 17 acres with volleyball/basketball court, swimming pool, bath house, 80'x80' main building, kitchen and dining area, 2 dormitories, one pond, softball field, and nature trail. An experienced and dedicated staff of qualified volunteers will guide you through exciting weeks of camp. They teach classes, prepare food, lead recreation and special events, and care for your physical and spiritual needs.

Contact Us

For information not contained on our website or during the off season, please contact Jeff Dalrymple at 641-799-8854. For information regarding Senior, Combined, and/or Junior weeks, please contact Jerry Weller at 641-642-3781.

Camp Information

**Camp Registration begins at 4pm on Sundays.
**No music equipment should be brought to camp.
**All clothing needs to be knee length.
**No muscle shirts or other immodest clothing should be worn at camp.
**Boys and girls should dress up for the evening service.
**Cell phones should be turned in upon registration.
**All campers will be expected to act in a way that is respectful to God and those at camp or they will lose their priveledge to be at camp.
**Visitors will be charged $1 per meal.
*Other activities/camps at the campground may include different rules/regulations in addition to the basic camp rules*

Camp Trustees

2016 Summer Camp Kickoff

Senior Week begins June 12th